Schools we have worked with in the Bicester area:

  • Bicester Longfields Primary School,
  • Marsh Gibbon CE School,
  • Chesterton CE (C) Primary School,
  • Bicester St. Mary's RC Primary School,
  • Launton CE (C) Primary School,
  • Bicester Glory Farm Primary School
  • Brookside Primary School,
  • Steeple Aston Dr. Radcliffe's CE (A) Primary School,
  • Langford Village Primary School
  • Bicester Cluster

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Egyptian Cartouche Painting Workshop

    In the early days of ancient Egypt, Kings and important people, encircled their name (written in hieroglyphics) with a design that we now call a cartouche. This cartouche was an oval circle and looked rather like a nameplate. Around the design was a picture of a rope, tied at... Read more...
  • Ceramic Art Workshop

    Education Group’s Ceramic Workshop allows your children to paint a chosen item to be displayed in school or taken home. Commemorative plates are one of our most popular ways to celebrate an event. Whether you choose to decorate them for a school centenary,... Read more...
  • World War One Workshop - Women of the War

    2014 marked 100 years since the start of the First World War. Education Group's Women of World War One workshop follows a young woman on her journey through the long war years of 1914-18. It provides interactive samples of the way women's lives changed dramatically during... Read more...
  • Dance Workshop

    Education Group’s interactive dance workshops encourage children to express themselves through dance and give them the opportunity to create and perform using any of 80 available dance styles including Greek dance, Flamenco, street dance or choreography from a... Read more...