Schools we have worked with in the Castleford area:

  • Half Acres Junior & Infants School
  • Townville Infants School
  • Glasshoughton Infants School
  • St Joseph's R C (VA) Junior &
  • Oyster Park Primary School
  • Fairburn View Primary School
  • Wheldon Infants School & Nursery
  • Wakefield EAZ
  • Ackton Pastures Junior & Infants School
  • Lady Elizabeth Hastings CE Primary School Grant Maintained

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Life Long Ago Workshop

    The first dinosaurs appeared around 230 million years ago and these huge ancient reptiles, some ferocious hunters, some gentle, plodding giants, ruled the Earth for 160 million years. Education Group's Life Long Ago Workshop brings prehistoric life into your school,... Read more...
  • Ceramic Art Workshop

    Education Group’s Ceramic Workshop allows your children to paint a chosen item to be displayed in school or taken home. Commemorative plates are one of our most popular ways to celebrate an event. Whether you choose to decorate them for a school centenary,... Read more...
  • African Mask Dance

    Education Group's African Mask Dance Workshop is part of a two day workshop combining mask painting and West African dance. Most African societies have no extensive written culture so masked dances serve to teach people right from wrong. When a dancer wears a Dan mask he... Read more...
  • Chinese New Year Workshop

    2018 - The Year of the Dog Education Group’s ‘Dragon Dance’ captures the very symbol of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year celebrations begin on the 16th February 2018 and last for 15 days. Traditionally, it was a time for the Chinese to pray to... Read more...