Schools we have worked with in the Chippenham area:

  • Seagry CE Primary School,
  • Lyneham Infants School,
  • Ivy Lane Primary School,
  • Charter Primary School,
  • East Tytherton Maud Heath Primary School,
  • Sutton Benger CE Primary School,
  • Frogwell Primary School,
  • Langley Fitzurse CE Primary School,
  • Wiltshire College
  • St. Paul's Primary School,

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Life Long Ago Workshop

    The first dinosaurs appeared around 230 million years ago and these huge ancient reptiles, some ferocious hunters, some gentle, plodding giants, ruled the Earth for 160 million years. Education Group's Life Long Ago Workshop brings prehistoric life into your school,... Read more...
  • Christmas Music Workshops

    Education Group's Christmas Music Workshop adds more than just a sparkle to your school nativity play. We can join your in house band or even create an ensemble to accompany your children during carol concerts, nativity plays and end of term performances. Past Christmas... Read more...
  • Indian Dance Workshop

    Education Group offers a workshop with a range of Indian dance styles, from elegant classical dances to the more exuberant Bollywood, bringing to your primary school a day filled with the vibrancy of the subcontinent. Children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement... Read more...
  • African & South American Drumming Workshop

    Education Group’s African Drumming and Percussion Workshop introduces every child to music, rhythm and songs from Africa or Latin America. The children play traditional instruments and sing songs from West Africa or create a samba style. This drumming workshop is... Read more...