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Becoming an Education Group School Music Teacher

Education Group’s School Music Teacher Service is unique. There is no similar UK based service providing schools with fully qualified school music teachers. We do not offer supply teachers to schools and have a strict recruitment process.

To become an Education Group school music teacher you need:

  • A Bachelor of Music Education (or equivalent)
  • A UK/EU passport or permission to work in the UK (Commonwealth citizens are normally eligible for a visa)
  • Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check

To ensure we can find the right position for you please make sure you include specific details on your CV such as instruments you play and to what level, vocal & piano skills and areas of the UK you wish to work.

Our full time positions are often made up of 2-3 different schools within the same area and usually include additional paid after school work. Please let us know if you only wish to work part time or have other specific requirements.

After uploading your CV you will be offered an interview if you meet our criteria as shown above. During this process we will identify your specific requirements and you will need to demonstrate relevant knowledge and experience as a music teacher.

On being accepted as an Education Group school music teacher you will be offered specific schools 1-2 months before your start date. This will allow you time to contact the school and take over from an outgoing music teacher or plan a new programme with the head teacher.