Schools we have worked with in the Fareham area:

  • Titchfield Primary School,
  • Harrison Primary School,
  • Boundary Oak School,
  • Ranvilles Junior School,
  • Red Barn Primary School and Community Pre-School,
  • Crofton Hammond Junior School,
  • Wickham CE (VC) Primary School,
  • Whiteley Primary School
  • Newtown Soberton Infant School,
  • Wallisdean Infant School,

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Black History Month Workshop

    Black History Month is a celebration of black history, heritage and culture. Black History Month takes place each year throughout October and is celebrated by many schools across the UK. Education Group offers several workshops to celebrate Black History Month... Read more...
  • Codebreaking Workshop

    It’s 1940 and the country is at war. Germany have invaded Poland, France, Holland & Belgium and we have had word that they are about to launch Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Great Britain. We’ve intercepted enemy radio signals and sent them to Bletchley... Read more...
  • African Mask Making Workshop

    Education Group's African Mask Making Workshop is simply unique. As an alternative to African drumming during Black History Month and suitable at any time of year, the workshop involves every child decorating their own wooden African mask and learning our African... Read more...
  • Christmas Music Workshops

    Education Group's Christmas Music Workshop adds more than just a sparkle to your school nativity play. We can join your in house band or even create an ensemble to accompany your children during carol concerts, nativity plays and end of term performances. Past Christmas... Read more...