Schools we have worked with in the Lichfield area:

  • Greysbrooke County Primary School
  • St Chads C Of E (VC) Controlled Primary School
  • Scotch Orchard Primary School
  • King Edward Vl Lichfield Cluster
  • St Stephens Primary School
  • St Michael's C Of E County Primary School
  • Christchurch C Of E County Primary School
  • Charnwood County Primary School
  • Willows County Primary School
  • Chadsmead Primary School

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Egyptian Cartouche Painting Workshop

    In the early days of ancient Egypt, Kings and important people, encircled their name (written in hieroglyphics) with a design that we now call a cartouche. This cartouche was an oval circle and looked rather like a nameplate. Around the design was a picture of a rope, tied at... Read more...
  • Plate Painting Workshop

    Every child can celebrate and remember special occasions with our Plate Painting Workshop.  This workshop allows every child to create their own unique plate decoration. Commemorative plates are one of our most popular ways to celebrate an event. They are a personal... Read more...
  • Virtual Reality Space

    Virtual Reality transports you to places you cannot easily visit. Every child in the class becomes an astronaut, piloting their research vessel around planets and moons, learning about the solar system. Since our take-off last September for World Space Week thousands of... Read more...
  • Virtual Reality Aboriginal Australia

    Virtual Reality transports you to places you cannot easily visit. With this fascinating workshop, your class will immerse themselves in the culture of Aboriginal Australia. Australia’s indigenous culture is one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. The... Read more...