Gamelan Workshop

Education Group's Gamelan Workshop is a traditional Indonesian music ensemble usually made up of percussion instruments. The word gamelan comes from the Javanese word 'gamel' which means hammer.

A gamelan orchestra usually consists of a number of gongs, drums and metallophones made up of various shapes and sizes. They are commonly made of materials such as bronze, iron and even bamboo.

Education Group's gamelan orchestras originate from Bali and are made up of 3 different sized gongs known as ageng, kempul and kenong. Our three metallophones carrying the core melodies include the saron, peking and demung whilst drums and bells are incorporated to maintain the rhythmic flow.

During the workshop several pieces of music are introduced and there are enough instruments for every child to participate. This allows each child to fully experience Education Group’s Gamelan Workshop.

For more information, please contact one of our advisers on 01536 411334.