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About Us

Education Group is the world's leading provider of interactive workshops for children. Since 1996 we have been delivering our exciting workshops to millions of children across three continents and continue to set the standards as the market leader.

Education Group UK offers over 30 types of creative workshops, school assemblies and after-school activities in primary and secondary schools across England and Wales.

Thousands of schools have experienced our range of workshops as part of important celebrations such as Black History Month, Diwali and Christmas or as part of a school fundraising event.

We offer many types of curriculum based workshops including music, dance, science, history and the arts. Our workshops incorporate aspects of the English national curriculum, US objectives and ACARA guidelines in Australia.

Our personally recruited and trained team of educators are simply world class.

Education Group is not an agency arranging for unknown people to deliver inconsistent content; we have personally recruited, trained and assessed every facilitator to deliver our own workshops.

A significant proportion of our income is reinvested in developing cutting edge educational resources such as our Virtual Reality Workshops.

We are proud to support our local and international communities.