International Day of Friendship

A day to recognise the importance of being kind and looking after our friends.


International Day of Friendship

30th July

Maypole Dance

Children learn to work together to form simple patterns through movement and dance, progressing to more complex weaves, before working out how reverse their dance to unwind the ribbons. With traditional folk music and dances including The Gypsies' Tent and The Grand Chain. Our...

Anti-bullying - Virtual Reality

Our ground-breaking Virtual Reality Anti-bullying workshop offers a safe space to observe and comment on a bullying scenario.  Bullying behaviour can happen all year round in many ways. This interactive workshop encourages students and teachers to witness, dissect and negotiate a typical...

Plate Painting

This workshop allows every child to create their own unique plate decoration. Our experienced facilitator sets up a mobile studio. We supply all of the materials including non-toxic paints, brushes, aprons, ceramics and sponges. Children use their artistic skills to create their own...

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