Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice marks the end of Spring and start of Summer.


Summer Solstice

21st June

Maypole Dance

Children learn to work together to form simple patterns through movement and dance, progressing to more complex weaves, before working out how reverse their dance to unwind the ribbons. With traditional folk music and dances including The Gypsies' Tent and The Grand Chain. Our...


Our interactive dance workshops encourage children to express themselves through dance. They are a hugely rewarding experience, providing an inspiring day that is both educational and fun. Whether you would like a focus on Greek dance, Flamenco, street dance or a musical, no style is beyond our...

Stone Age Life

Following feedback from schools we have devised this new workshop covering a snapshot of life in the Stone Age period of prehistory. Children meet an ancestor from just after the Ice Age, who explains their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. They show the tools they made and talk about...

Circus Multi-Skills

  This workshop is based around the rich tradition of the circus. Incorporating physical skills from the PE Curriculum, including agility, balance and coordination, the whole class joins in with a range of fun activities that develop their flexibility, strength...

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