Schools we have worked with in the Middlesex area:

  • Our Lady and St. John's RC Junior, Infant and Nursery School,
  • St. Mary's CE Junior School,
  • Woodcroft Primary School
  • The Heathland School
  • Harlyn Primary School,
  • Perivale Primary School,
  • Roxbourne Primary School
  • The Lady Eleanor Holles Junior Department
  • Havelock Primary School
  • Carlisle Infant School

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Extreme Bike Show

    Our Extreme Bike Show brings the best in high energy action sports to your school. Invite European and British champions to showcase their amazing stunts and talents at your school. Whilst exhilarating the children with their daring stunts, the team communicate key... Read more...
  • Music Workshop

    Our Music Workshops set the stage for children to create their own rhythmic compositions alongside professional orchestral musicians in your school. Children increase their confidence, imagination and control. They explore and enjoy patterns and learn how sounds and silence can... Read more...
  • World War One Workshop - Women of the War

    An insight into the First World War. Our Women of World War One workshop follows a young woman on her journey through the long war years of 1914-18. It explains how women's lives changed dramatically during the course of the war and describes some of the jobs undertaken by... Read more...
  • Forensic Science Workshop

    Our Forensic Science Workshop engages children with scientific techniques that demonstrate how science works in the real world. The context of a scientific investigation brings science to life and stimulates interest at a young age. Schools can incorporate our Forensic... Read more...