African Mask Making Workshop

Education Group's African Mask Making Workshop is simply unique.

Especially popular during Black History Month and suitable at any time of year, every child decorates their own wooden African mask. On day two they use their creations to learn our African Mask Dance.

Each mask has been carefully sculpted from Albesia wood. Grown in community smallholdings, Albesia trees can grow to 70ft within four years of germination and are very sustainable.

On day one of this workshop, children learn about African art and how most African masks are thought to portray the faces of spirits and gods. Geometric designs are then selected for the individual masks and they are decorated by the children.

As dance is commonly involved in the use of African masks, day two is dedicated to our specially choreographed African Mask Dance. Children work together as a class to learn and perform this elaborate dance.

Many schools use these workshops for fundraising purposes by accepting a contribution from parents towards their child’s African mask.