Virtual Reality Anti-bullying

Virtual Reality transports you to places and situations you cannot easily explore.

Thousands of children have taken part in our ground-breaking VR Anti-bullying workshop, Mutual Respect.

Watch the cast of Neighbours review the workshop:

Bullying behaviour can happen all year round in many ways. This workshop encourages students and teachers to witness, dissect and negotiate a typical scenario of bullying behaviour to help decrease bullying behaviour. Developed with experts from Bullying Intervention Group the workshop creates a safe environment to explore the backgrounds and motivations of each character.

Membership of Bullying Intervention Group can be included in this package offering schools further resources, advice and training.

Our facilitators provide a fully-networked class set of headsets, delivering our own 360 videos, CGI and games. As with all our workshops this is fully aligned with National Curriculum targets to complement your teaching plans.

Suitable for KS2 and KS3.