Virtual Reality

Education Group's Virtual Reality (VR) Workshops are a world first.

Using the latest VR technology, we have developed software to create full class sets of equipment. Using our unique technology, we can take your class around the world, under the sea or even to the moon!

Our initial bespoke workshops are based around Anti-bullying and Indigenous Australia.

Anti-Bullying VR Workshops

Education Group has developed a ground breaking VR anti bullying workshop. Your class will enter a real life situation, learn about the background of characters and create a class manifesto.

Suitable for KS2 and KS3.

Indigenous Australia

Visit outback Australia and learn about the customs and traditions that make up the world's oldest culture. Your class will be part of a dance and didgeridoo performance, complete a bush tucker experience and throw a boomerang. All in your own classroom.


Every child blasts off into space exploring planets and moons in their own research vessel. This fact-filled workshop truly engages the children and is very popular. 

All VR workshops get booked up very quickly. Please contact a member of our team to reserve a date on 01536 411334.