Mathematics Awareness Month

Aims to increase understanding and appreciation of mathematics


Mathematics Awareness Month


WWII Codebreaking

It's 1940 and the country is at war. Germany has invaded Poland, France, Holland & Belgium and we have had word that it is about to launch Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Great Britain. We’ve intercepted enemy radio signals and sent them to Bletchley Park, home of...

Problem Solving

Learning to problem solve is a valuable skill for life, and the basis for tackling other disciplines such as science and maths. Our problem solving sessions are suitable from Reception children right through to working with teachers. Using our specially created soft play resources, the...

NSPCC Number Day

It’s maths, but not as you know it! The NSPCC is encouraging schools across the UK to take part in their Number Day, on Friday 7th May. With fun, free maths resources for all age groups, and activities like ‘dress up for digits’ and our new Buddy’s Key Challenge, Number...

STEM workshop

We are delighted to announce our first new workshop for 2021 - a workshop using Lego® bricks to cover STEM topics. Be one of the first to experience this workshop, perfect for Maths Awareness Month in April. The workshop encourages young people to think about everyday technology...

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