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Additional Options (choirs, bands and more)

Our qualified school music teachers also excel in at least one other instrument. Most will have piano skills and all will have vocal knowledge.

Most primary schools using our School Music Teacher service will add to their standard school day with an after school club. Activities can run before school, after school, at lunchtime or even in school holidays. Our most popular clubs include:


Start up a new choir or brighten up your existing one. With lots of new material to explore and no outlay on instruments, a school choir is the perfect ensemble.

Instrumental tuition

Many of our primary school music teachers are able to offer individual tuition to children either through the school or via parental payment. We are able to offer support in hiring orchestral instruments.


Instrumental lessons can lead to the formation of a school band or orchestra. Children are able to form ensembles even at the early stages of learning an instrument, enhancing their enjoyment.

Additional Options (choirs, bands and more)

"Finding high quality specialist teaching staff who are enthusiastic, professional and adaptable is a Head Teacher's constant nightmare. Education Group have consistently met our needs and provided fantastic staff who enable us to meet our aspiration to provide a high quality school experience for our children. Our children deserve the best and Education Group help us to provide it."
Derek Llewellyn, Ashburnham Primary School

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