Schools we have worked with in the Castleford area:

  • Airedale Junior School
  • Lady Elizabeth Hastings CE Primary School Grant Maintained
  • Wheldon Infants School & Nursery
  • Townville Infants School
  • Castleford High School Technology College
  • Smawthorne Infants School
  • Allerton Bywater Primary School
  • Redhill Junior School
  • Ackton Pastures Junior & Infants School
  • Oyster Park Primary School

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Forensic Science Workshop

    Our Forensic Science Workshop engages children with scientific techniques that demonstrate how science works in the real world. The context of a scientific investigation brings science to life and stimulates interest at a young age. Schools can incorporate our Forensic... Read more...
  • Indian Dance Workshop

    We offer workshops with a range of Indian dance styles, from elegant classical dances to the more exuberant Bollywood, bringing to your school a day filled with the vibrancy of the subcontinent. Children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement and develop skills of... Read more...
  • Classic Story Workshops

    Our Classic Story Workshops are suitable for schools wanting to introduce their children to seasonal classics, told by a professional storyteller. Chinese New Year is a time to share traditional Chinese stories. There are many tales to choose from including various fables from... Read more...
  • Silly Science Workshop

    Our Silly Science Workshop brings science to life. Explosive fun in your school. Our energetic Professor Nitrate will guide your children through a science tour of discovery. They will learn about elements, why molecules bond, understand the magic of lift and the power of... Read more...