African Mask Making & Dance

African Mask Making & Dance

An engaging way for your children to learn about Western African culture

Children learn about Western African art and discover that most African masks are thought to portray the faces of spirits and gods.

Many African societies have no extensive written culture so masked dances serve to teach people right from wrong. When a dancer wears a Dan mask he becomes the spirit of that mask. A masked dancer will speak in the language of the spirits and his words are interpreted by a wise man. 

On day one the children decorate their own masks with geometric designs. On day two they can use their handicrafts to learn our African Mask Dance. Led by our professional dancers, the children work together as a class to learn and perform this elaborate dance.

We provide all equipment and materials for every child to take part. The masks are sculpted from sustainable Albesia wood grown in community smallholdings.

Many schools use these workshops as fundraising by accepting a parental contribution towards their child’s mask.

For further information or to discuss a workshop please contact us using our contact form.

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