Ancient Egypt in VR

Ancient Egypt in VR

Zoom back 5,000 years to the time of the Pharaohs to learn about one of the world's oldest cultures. Explore pyramids and tombs, decipher hieroglyphics and hieratics, then learn about inventions such as toothpaste. See how skilled embalmers mummified their dead so they could journey onto the afterlife. Meet the animal-headed gods that formed the basis of religion and culture.  Learn about the Book of the Dead spell-books that were needed to pass through to paradise.  Finally, is your heart pure enough to enter Duat, the underworld?

We have created a fantastical world in Virtual Reality to explore the wonders of the Ancient Egyptians. Developed with experts, look around in 3600 vision at the treasures and artefacts from this incredible period of history.  Aligned to the History curriculum, this is a memorable and immersive way to visit Egypt from the classroom. 

We bring a networked set of VR headsets loaded with our own content. Our skilled facilitator can work with up to seven classes per day. 

Packed with facts aligned to the KS1 and 2 History curriculum, this immersive experience is a memorable way to learn about this ancient culture. 

VR takes you beyond reality!

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