Ancient Greece in VR

Ancient Greece in VR

Explore the fascinating culture of the Ancient Greeks in Virtual Reality.

Explore the origins of the Olympics. Learn how the greatest minds are still influencing maths, astronomy and democracy, 3,000 years later. Meet the Hellenes and learn about ongoing wars between Athens and Sparta. Discover the inventions that affect our lives today, such as the alphabet and the alarm clock. Meet philosophers and scientists, from Hippocrates to Pythagoras. Learn all about the myths and legends of the Greek gods and heroes, then journey to the afterlife in CGI, without waking Cerberus!

Travel back to the first Olympics to learn about the athletes worshipping Zeus then zoom all the way to the present day Olympic Games. Compare the ancient Games to the upcoming Olympics in Paris. Meet Pierre de Coubertin who envisaged a celebration of sport and friendship that is still one of the world's biggest sporting events. Find interesting facts about champion athletes throughout history. 

We have created a fantastical world in Virtual Reality to explore the wonders of the Ancient Greeks. Aligned to the History curriculum, this is a memorable and immersive experience. We bring a networked set of VR headsets loaded with our own content. Our skilled facilitator can work with up to seven classes per day. 

VR takes you beyond reality!

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