Schools we have worked with in the Hertford area:

  • Nascot Wood Infant & Nursery School,
  • Bournehall Primary School,
  • Tewin Cowper JMI School,
  • Morgans JMI School,
  • Chater Infants' School,
  • Lodge Farm Primary School,
  • St. Paul's CE Primary & Nursery School,
  • Sandon JMI School,
  • St. Mary's CE Primary School,
  • Berkhamsted Collegiate Preparatory School,

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Indian Dance Workshop

    Education Group offers a workshop with a range of Indian dance styles, from elegant classical dances to the more exuberant Bollywood, bringing to your primary school a day filled with the vibrancy of the subcontinent. Children build on their natural enthusiasm for movement... Read more...
  • Music Workshop

    Education Group’s Music Workshops set the stage for children to create their own rhythmic compositions alongside professional orchestral musicians in your primary school. Children increase their confidence, imagination and control. They explore and enjoy patterns and... Read more...
  • Roman Gladiator Workshop

    Our Roman Gladiator workshop provides a unique insight into life in Roman Britain. Set in 72 AD, our Roman soldier in full armour, Lucius Felix Silvanus talks to the children about life as a gladiator, displaying his weaponry and demonstrating the equipment used. The... Read more...
  • Forensic Science: The Stolen Money Workshop

    Someone has broken into the school and opened the school safe. Even worse, they’ve taken the money that was inside. Fortunately, they’ve left lots of clues behind for the children to piece together and unearth the culprit. This memorable workshop brings science... Read more...