Schools we have worked with in the Hertford area:

  • Chater Infants' School,
  • Fleetville Infant & Nursery School,
  • Newberries Primary School,
  • Coates Way Jmi & Nursery School,
  • The Havers School,
  • Home Education
  • Knutsford School,
  • Layston C of E First School,
  • Ralph Sadleir Middle School,
  • St. John the Baptist JMI School

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • World War One Workshop - A Soldiers Tale

    2014 marked 100 years since the start of the First World War. Education Group's World War One workshop offers a recount of life in the trenches at the time. Our visitor will discuss a range of topics with the children starting with how he was recruited and joined up and... Read more...
  • African Mask Dance

    Education Group's African Mask Dance Workshop is part of a two day workshop combining mask painting and West African dance. Most African societies have no extensive written culture so masked dances serve to teach people right from wrong. When a dancer wears a Dan mask he... Read more...
  • Silly Science Workshop

    Education Groups Silly Science Workshop brings science to life in a way that gets children enthused and passionate about learning.  Our energetic and slightly ‘mad’ Professor Nitrate will guide your children through a science tour of discovery. They will... Read more...
  • Virtual Reality

    Education Group's Virtual Reality (VR) Workshops are a world first. Using the latest VR technology, we have developed software to create full class sets of equipment. Using our unique technology, we can take your class around the world, under the sea or even to the... Read more...