Schools we have worked with in the Lancashire area:

  • Pemberton Junior & Infant School
  • Greenbank County Primary School
  • Springhead Infant & Nursery School
  • St Luke & St Philips C Of E Primary School
  • Oldwood Junior School
  • AstleySt Stephen's CE Primary School
  • St John's C Of E Primary School
  • Claremont Road Infants School
  • Yealand C Of E School
  • St Mary's C Of E Primary Schoo

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Life Long Ago Workshop

    The first dinosaurs appeared around 230 million years ago and these huge ancient reptiles, some ferocious hunters, some gentle, plodding giants, ruled the Earth for 160 million years. Education Group's Life Long Ago Workshop brings prehistoric life into your school,... Read more...
  • Kathak Dance Workshop

    Education Group's Kathak Dance Workshop is a celebration of classical Indian dance. Treasured for its intricacy, elegance and charm, it originated in the Hindu temples of northern India and later became popular in the royal courts. One of the oldest forms of theatrical dance... Read more...
  • Music Workshop

    Education Group’s Music Workshops set the stage for children to create their own rhythmic compositions alongside professional orchestral musicians in your primary school. Children increase their confidence, imagination and control. They explore and enjoy patterns and... Read more...
  • Road to Russia

    Celebrate the World Cup in 2018! Join Education Group’s celebration of the 21st men’s football World Cup! With 32 teams competing over 12 venues across Russia over 64 matches, this is set to be a sporting and cultural competition of worldwide... Read more...