Schools we have worked with in the Norfolk area:

  • 1st North Walsham Scout Group
  • North Walsham Infant School & Nursery,
  • John Grant Special School
  • Filby First School,
  • Walpole Cross Keys Primary School,
  • Moorlands C of E Primary Academy
  • Hindringham CE Primary School,
  • The King George VI School,
  • Edmund De Moundeford (VC) Primary School,
  • Southery Primary School,

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Life Long Ago Workshop

    Our Long Ago Workshop brings prehistoric life into your school, taking your children back millions of years to discover the wonder of the dinosaurs. In our large sandboxes, the children locate and identify fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs of the past.... Read more...
  • Music Workshop

    Our Music Workshops set the stage for children to create their own rhythmic compositions alongside professional orchestral musicians in your school. Children increase their confidence, imagination and control. They explore and enjoy patterns and learn how sounds and silence can... Read more...
  • Dinosaur School Visit

    Invite Sophie, our life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex, to visit your tasty children! Meet Sophie, our baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, just seven years old and approaching KS2. A little nervous about going to a new school but looking forward to meeting the pupils and trying out... Read more...
  • Virtual Reality Space

    Virtual Reality transports you to places you cannot easily visit. Every child in the class becomes an astronaut, piloting their research vessel around planets and moons, learning about the solar system. Since our take-off last September for World Space Week thousands of... Read more...