Schools we have worked with in the Oxfordshire area:

  • Launton CE (C) Primary School,
  • Steeple Aston Dr. Radcliffe's CE (A) Primary School,
  • Middle Barton School,
  • Hayford Park Free School
  • Bicester St. Edburg's CE (A) Primary School,
  • Eynsham Carnival
  • Chipping Norton Holy Trinity RC (A) Primary School,
  • Abingdon Rush Common Primary School,
  • Chesterton CE (C) Primary School,
  • Bicester Glory Farm Primary School

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Egyptian Cartouche Painting Workshop

    In the early days of ancient Egypt, Kings and important people, encircled their name (written in hieroglyphics) with a design that we now call a cartouche. This cartouche was an oval circle and looked rather like a nameplate. Around the design was a picture of a rope, tied at... Read more...
  • Problem Solving Workshop

    Problem-solving skills are the foundation of all areas of knowledge, such as mathematics, science and the arts. Whether it's a toddler, trying to work out how a new toy works, or a scientist attempting to find a cure for a disease, the processes involved are the same. Our... Read more...
  • Dance Workshop

    Education Group’s interactive dance workshops encourage children to express themselves through dance and give them the opportunity to create and perform using any of 80 available dance styles including Greek dance, Flamenco, street dance or choreography from a... Read more...
  • Christmas Music Workshops

    Education Group's Christmas Music Workshop adds more than just a sparkle to your school nativity play. We can join your in house band or even create an ensemble to accompany your children during carol concerts, nativity plays and end of term performances. Past Christmas... Read more...