Virtual Reality: Space

Visit space with our latest Virtual Reality workshop!

Every child in the class becomes an astronaut, piloting their research vessel around planets and moons, learning about the solar system.

Following the amazing success of our Anti-Bullying and Aboriginal VR workshops, we have responded to feedback from schools to develop the Space topic. SInce our take-off last September for World Space Week thousands of children have visited the solar system.

Our facilitators provide a fully-networked class set of headsets, delivering our own software, CGI and games. As with all our workshops this is fully aligned with National Curriculum targets to complement your teaching plans.

Virtual Reality transports you to places you cannot easily visit. With this fascinating workshop, perhaps we will inspire the next generation of scientists and astronauts who may one day blast off into space for real!

To find out more about the workshop and enquire about availability please call 01536 411334 or email