Schools we have worked with in the Yorkshire area:

  • St Hedda's R C Primary School
  • Swinton Fitzwilliam Junior School
  • Beeston Hill St Luke's C Of E Primary School
  • Rillington County Primary School
  • Addingham Primary School
  • New Earswick Undenominational Primary School
  • North Border Infant & Nursery School
  • Wistow Parochial C of E Primary School
  • Carlton Junior & Infants School
  • Lowerhouses C Of E Junior Infant School

Workshops you may be interested in:

  • Christmas Bauble Workshop

    Education Group’s Ceramic Art Christmas Bauble Workshop enables every child in your primary school to design,decorate and take home their very own ceramic bauble. Children learn about different materials and techniques and develop their imagination, which builds... Read more...
  • World War One Workshop - Women of the War

    2014 marked 100 years since the start of the First World War. Education Group's Women of World War One workshop follows a young woman on her journey through the long war years of 1914-18. It provides interactive samples of the way women's lives changed dramatically during... Read more...
  • Codebreaking Workshop

    It’s 1940 and the country is at war. Germany have invaded Poland, France, Holland & Belgium and we have had word that they are about to launch Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Great Britain. We’ve intercepted enemy radio signals and sent them to Bletchley... Read more...
  • Dinosaur School Visit

    The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the most fearsome meat eaters of the Cretaceous age- 66 million years ago. It means "King of the Tyrant lizards" in ancient Greek and a full grown one could weigh up to seven tonnes! Meet Sophie, our baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, just... Read more...