Women of WWII

Women of WWII

The unsung heroes of WWII

Join us to remember the women who helped keep Britain running during the Second World War. 

Our professional actor recounts life for various women in Britain between 1939-1945. She will inhabit the characters of a nurse on the front line, a land girl who helped feed a nation and explore the role of women on the home front. She will describe the momentous changes the war brought for women, such as the first time in British history women were finally allowed to serve in the armed forces as engineers, mechanics, ambulance drivers, nurses and spies. We will meet one of the code-breaking mathematicians of Bletchley Park and even meet Queen Elizabeth II as a 19 year old mechanic and military truck driver working for the Auxiliary Territorial Service! 

This interactive workshop brings history to life as children examine the artefacts and hear the tales to appreciate the challenges of this turbulent time in our history. 

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