Road to Russia

Our Road to Russia workshops are a cultural celebration of the countries taking part in the World Cup.

Join our celebration of the 21st men’s football World Cup! With 32 teams competing over 12 venues across Russia over 64 matches, this is a sporting and cultural competition of worldwide significance.

The Road to Russia workshop celebrates the different cultures and traditions of the competing nations. Children learn about the history, art, music and dance of the chosen country, before learning a dance or drumming sequence for a final performance.

If you choose a dance workshop, will you choose Germany as she defends her title? Maybe learning the dances of host country Russia appeals? Or perhaps Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain or Sweden? After learning about the country, the class learns specially choreographed moves which they then showcase to the rest of the school wearing the colours of their national flag.

Will you choose a samba drumming workshop as the South American teams bring their inimitable style to the contest? Or create a djembe drum circle to learn the traditions of some African nations?

Like the footballers, our team is working hard for the World Cup, so get in touch to reserve your dates.